Travel by Flight to Kefalonia

Travel by Direct Flight to Kefalonia

There are a number of airlines operating from most of the major airports in Europe to Kefalonia:

Further options to reach Kefalonia

If such a flight is not offered in your country, you can consider the following possibilities:

Flight to Zakynthos or Preveza or Araxos & ferry to Kefalonia

By direct flight to the neighbour island Zakynthos (ZTH) or to the closest airport in mainland Araxos (GAP) oder Preveza (PVK) and then by ferry to Kefalonia.

Flight to Athens and connected flight to Kefalonia

By flight to Athens (ATH) and connecting flight to Kefalonia (EFL) with Aegean Airlines.

Flight to Athens and ferry to Kefalonia

Alternatively you can take a car rental in the airport of Athens and travel to the port of Kyllini.
From Kyllini there are daily ferries going to Kefalonia.

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