The Greek Island Kefalonia

Kefalonia - The "unspoilt" of the "Ionian"!

The island of Kefalonia lies on the "green side" of Greece, in the Ionian Sea, between Italy and Greece. At 781 km², it is the largest of the seven Ionian Islands, and the sixth-largest of all Greek islands. Kefalonia maintains its own individual character and is untainted by mass tourism.

Kefalonia - Fascinating contrasts!

High, wild mountains cross the island in the centre; green valleys with lovely vegetation, carefully cultivated gardens, and long sand beaches in the south; breathtaking, dramatically dropping cliff shore line in the west; Italian-like cypress scenery, charming ports and delightful architecture in the north; Mediterranean flair, olive groves and small flint bays with crystal-clear, blue-turquoise water in the east.
Welcome to Kefalonia!

Kefalonia - Wonderful hiking!

The highest mountain of the island is Ainos (1,628 metres), home to the famous fir tree species (Abies Cephalonica), and to the rare wild horses of Kefalonia. Ainos is officially a National Park with interesting protected flora and fauna. Hiking to the peak is highly recommended for nature lovers and hikers. It offers a spectacular view of the island and the Ionian Sea.

You can also enjoy breathtaking views by going up to the hilltop monasteries, for example to the monasteries Kipouria near Lixouri, Grillia and Fanendes next to Sami, or Themata near Makriotika. The biggest and most impressive monastery of the island is "Agios Gerasimos", named after the patron saint of the island. The villages surrounding the monastery cultivate vineyards producing the well-known, delightful wine Robola.

We would also advise visitors to leave the main roads and explore the countryside: traditional mountain villages with well-kept gardens, olive groves, mountain goats, herds of sheep, fantastic, panoramic views of the sea and the island await you!

Kefalonia - Wonders of nature!

There are a lot of natural sights to visit in Kefalonia:

Avythos (= bottomless), which is immeasurably deep, according to the statements of the locals.

The Melissani Lake (= blue cave):
A boat trip on its bluish green water, as the local oarsman tells the history of the lake, is a wonderful diversion. Depending on the time of the day the water colour changes as the sunbeams hit it from different angles.

Drogaratti Cave (150 Mill. years old):
From a natural balcony, which resulted from the collapse of the cave roof, you can survey an area of approx. 100 m² with rare stalactites and stalagmites.

Kefalonia - Wonderful swimming!

Kefalonia is a great place for swimming:
Long sand beaches (such as Makris and Platis Yialos, Xi or Skala), breathtaking flint beaches (Myrtos, Antisamos or Petani), or secluded white coves and idyllic flint bays (near Agia Efimia and Fiskardo). They all offer something for everyone. In some of the beaches you will find water sports, diving school, and motorboat rental.

Kefalonia - Wonders of Greek Life!

After a hot summer day there are many little fishing villages offering refreshment.

Whether in Agia Efimia, Assos or Fiskardo; everywhere you can enjoy your drink or meal and the warm hospitality of the people under a moderate sea breeze in a relaxed atmosphere.

In the summer, public festivals are held in village squares all over the island. With traditional island specialities, Robola, live music, and folk dances, people celebrate with body and soul! It is a happy mixture of young and old, visitors and locals.

Guests are always welcome!

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