Sailing in Kefalonia

The island of Kefalonia is well worth exploring, whether on foot or by car. However, it´s a unique experience exploring the island from the sea side and discovering bays and beaches accessible only by boat.

The Ionian Sea around Kefalonia is an excellent sailing area with islands maintaining their authentic Greek atmosphere. Deserted turquoise coves, idyllic harbours and secure anchorages, invite to sail in gentle winds and lay anchor. During the summer months the “Maestro” wind dictates the rhythm of yachting enthusiasts. It arises in the morning, picks up energy in the afternoon and goes back to rest in the evening. Unlike the “Meltemi,” the prevailing summer wind in the Aegean Sea, it seldom exceeds Beaufort 6.

For those guests spending their holiday in one of our villas and who possess the necessary qualifications and skills to skipper, chartering a yacht offers the perfect complement to an “on-land” holiday.

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