Booking Terms & Conditions

Dear customer,
The following is a list of Lyra Travel's Terms & Conditions which form the basis for contracts concluded between you and Lyra Travel. Please read them carefully.

1. Service

Lyra Travel leases holiday homes acting on behalf of and for the account of the owners.

2. Contract conclusion

2.1. The booking can be made either verbally, in writing or by electronic means. However, the booking is not legally binding until received in the written form. A rental agreement is concluded between the customer (primary renter) and Lyra Travel after the booking is confirmed in writing. The booking includes all of the persons listed and the customer (primary renter) is responsible for their contractual obligations.

2.2. The customer (primary renter) must be at least 18 years old.

2.3. The timely remittance of the deposit is a prerequisite for conclusion of the contract.

3. Payment

3.1.A reservation deposit of 25% of the total rental cost is required at time of booking.
The balance is due 30 days prior to arrival. Payments can be made via bank transfer or PayPal.

3.2. The customer will not be entitled to performance if the total price stated on the booking confirmation is not paid in full prior to the rental period.

4. Contractual obligations and changes regarding performance

4.1. Lyra Travel is obligated to lease the booked holiday homes in the condition and furnished as described on the Lyra Travel website to the extent presented as such prior to conclusion of the contract with the customer.

4.2. Only minor changes with respect to performance and the holiday home furnishings are permitted after conclusion of the contract, if they are necessary and do not impair the use of the property.

4.3. Lyra Travel is obligated to inform the customer immediately if it has knowledge concerning significant changes to the property that are pending. In this case, Lyra Travel is obligated to offer the customer a holiday home that is similar, or of higher quality, from its available portfolio of properties at no extra charge if possible. Or, as an alternative, the customer may withdraw from the contract and demand a full refund.

5. Cancellation Policy

5.1 The customer can cancel the contract at any time prior to the rental beginning. Cancellations will not be valid unless received in writing.

5.2 The cancellation fees are as follows:

For cancellations made until the 60th day prior to check-in date: free cancellation and full refund of the deposit made.
For cancellations made until the 30th day prior to check-in date: 50% refund of the deposit made.
For cancellations made between the 29th and the check-in date, there is no refund.

5.3 For cancellations due to Coronavirus impact:
Free cancellation and full refund of any payment made until 1 day prior to check-in date if one of the following Covid-19 restrictions prevent travel:
- Warning against travelling into Greece
- Quarantine imposed on travellers arriving in Kefalonia or in their country by return

This applies only if announcement of a.m. restrictions is made after booking date and max 60 days prior to check-in date.

We strongly recommend that you purchase adequate travel insurance.

6. Rebooking

Rebooking the date, the rental period and the number of persons is wherever possible without charge. Rebooking the property will involve cancellation fees accordingly for the deserted property.

7. In the event of defects / customer's obligation to cooperate

7.1. If there are defects the customer is obligated to cooperate, to extent required by law, in preventing and holding damage to a minimum. In particular, the customer is obligated to inform the owner of the property and Lyra Travel regarding any complaints. If the customer does not fulfill these obligations through fault of his own, then he will forfeit his right to assert claims against the owner or Lyra Travel.

7.2. The customer is entitled to terminate the contract if utilization of the property is significantly impaired due to a defect and the owner or Lyra Travel have not remedied the defect or are unable to remedy the defect within a reasonable time.

8. Sustained interference by the customer

8.1. The owner, or Lyra Travel on behalf of the owner, is entitled to terminate the contract if the customer or one of the persons named in the booking confirmation continues to interfere with the execution of the contract in spite of written reprimands. This applies especially for disturbing the peace or violating house rules, for overcrowding and for willful or negligent damage to the property.

8.2 Lyra Travel and the owner reserve the right to the total price; however, any income will be credited if the property can be otherwise leased.

9. Arrival and departure

The holiday homes may not be occupied until 3:00 pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated before 10:00 am on the day of departure. Special requests will be taken into consideration by the owner and Lyra Travel if they are reasonable.

10. Liability

10.1. Lyra Travel will assume no liability for interference of performance, personal damage or property damage in connection with externally procured services.

10.2. Lyra Travel is liable to the customer for breaches of due diligence and failure to provide information including the accuracy of information provided on its website unless changes regarding the information were announced prior to conclusion of the contract.

10.3. The customer is liable for damage caused by him and/or by those persons named in the booking confirmation.

11. Ineffectiveness of individual provisions

Should any individual provision of the general Terms & Conditions be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions remain unaffected

12. Court of jurisdiction

The court of jurisdiction for proceedings against common debtors is Munich. The court of jurisdiction for proceeding initiated by Lyra Travel against the customer is the domicile of the customer.

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